Article 08 - Essentials 20

Collection Description >


Desirable & versatile. 

Timeless wardrobe staples that transcend seasons. 

A collection of signature basics & effortlessly draped silk separates.

Essentials 20.  Reflecting the natural beauty of the female silhouette.


An Important Note >


Essentials 20 is run on a pre-order basis.  With limited units available, the collection will be produced in small quantities.

Emphasising a considered & unhurried production process, the decision to operate on this model was made in an effort to eliminate fabric wastage. 

Consciously made, all everlasting pieces are handcrafted in Australia.


First round pre-order open from 17th – 31st May.

First round pre-orders dispatched between 15th – 22nd June.

Second round pre-order open from 14th – 28th June.

Second round pre-orders dispatched between 13th – 20th July.

Third round pre-order open from 12th – 26th July.

Third round pre-orders dispatched between 10th – 17th August.


The Design Process >


Our pieces continue to be inspired by your way of life.  Essentials 20 was designed with your moments of rest & relaxation in mind.  The design team were motivated to blend a soft, elegant aesthetic with sophistication & ultimate everyday luxury.

Designed & developed in-house, our team worked passionately to focus on quality.  This value continues to flow through all elements of design; from fabric to fit & garment construction.  Our Pattern Maker worked delicately with luxurious silk & Italian rib to celebrate the natural beauty of the female silhouette.

A look into the making of Essentials 20... 





Styling Notes >


With an element of irresistible softness, Essentials 20 was intended to be styled minimally.  Paired back & refined, embrace femininity & confidence.

Beauty is unique – our essentials designs celebrate the individual silhouette.


To Conclude >


Essentials 20

Desirable & versatile wardrobe staples that transcend seasons.

For relaxed moments at home.

Available now on a considered pre-order basis.