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Our Story

The History

The women who gave me guidance, knowledge and who taught me the old school methods of sewing are the women closest to my heart, my Mum and Nan. Learning from past generations is something truly beautiful, rare and something to be cherished. I am a huge believer in surrounding yourself with like-minded people and I take inspiration from every one around me, fuelling my dreams and aspirations beyond words. Everything I do comes from the heart, this is the backbone of the Natalie Rolt label and what I pride myself in. A perfectionist is within me and is the reason why I was so eager to absorb the in’s and the out’s of garment construction, so I am able to deliver the quality and perfection within every piece created. Designing is a product of the creator and I am so humbled that women around the world are wearing a Natalie Rolt design - it fills my heart with pure JOY.

The Muse

I could draw her… This would cement her in time, but she is forever evolving, forever growing with my life and with the label. My muse is someone who I aspire to be like in every aspect - although I cannot see her, I envision her. Confidence is essential and the reason why her head is always held high - she holds belief and value in herself. Each Natalie Rolt piece strives to highlight and compliment the female physique, allowing her to radiate with elegance, femininity and desirability.

The Aesthetic

Our Aesthetic is empowering and is built on the qualities of strength, consistency, clean lines and timelessness in design - a portrayal of a contemporary culture in which we reside. Designing is my craft and my imprint is not only limited to the garments that I create but travels throughout everything I do and everything involved with the Natalie Rolt Label.When you walk into the Natalie Rolt boutique and studio you will see a blank canvas in which I let my designs do the talking. The white interior works hand in hand with the natural light beaming through the sky lights, creating a simplistic, effortless but bold look with its added hints of aged copper and brass gold decor - a visual dream.

The Concept

Our concept is not only within the interior design of my space but within the designs and services we provide directly to our customers. Our customers can express their own style and create their own look with the wheel of colours and prints available to choose from for each design. Choice is a beautiful thing and opens an avenue for our style consultants to offer their recommendations of styling tips and tricks. We do not stop there… we are a destination that can assist you from head-to-toe. A creative space bringing to you our very own in-house professionals to offer beauty services - to complete your look.

The Rag Trade

Where have you gone? I wish my time was when the real rag trade was alive… or maybe that is why I am here now - to re-create and bring the rag trade back. What I loved most when I was learning about the industry was seeing the creative process and the making of designs, as this seemed to be such a hidden treasure. This is why I want to showcase the makers behind my label to display the interaction for my customers and to open their eyes to the magic that we produce.

The Experience

The ambiance and infectious energy is what we have created within the Natalie Rolt boutique and adjoining studio. Every element is an integral part of the Natalie Rolt concept and is a reflection of the women who create it. Each creative within the studio compliments each other - this is essential in order to stay true to our muse and to our customers. This provides the complete experience to our customers, as we want to leave an imprint on every single person that comes across the Natalie Rolt label.

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